Live Certification


Training Certification Course

AFAA (15); ACE (1.6); NASM (1.6)

Includes both the Online Certificate and Training Certification Course. Receive CEC's for completing the course.

(includes both the online certificate and live training courses)

You have the knowledge, now put it to action in this live 2-day specialty certification course. Learn how the Ignite Performance Training system can help you train the athlete in everyone.  Experience firsthand how exercise progressions come to life and discover how you can train a mixed group of athletes using systematic and purposeful progressions.  Leave with the understanding of why your clients need to earn their progressions and how you as a coach can propel them to the next level with your coaching cues.

Discover the innovative and practical i360 Fit athlete evaluation protocol to use with all your clients.  This evaluation system gives you a functional and reliable tool to measure an athletes current balance, coordination, whole body explosive strength, agility and energy capacity.

This course is the second step in becoming an IGNITE 360 Certified Trainer.  Make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to complete the online certificate course PRIOR to attending the training certification course.  At the completion of the Training Certification Course you are eligible to take the IGNITE 360 Certification course exam.



This specialty certification is designed for professionals currently working in the field, it is suggested that you have one of the below qualifications in order to participate (questions, contact IGNITE 360 at 1-877-360-0011):

1)     be a current personal trainer with a NCCA approved certification
2)     have an Exercise Science degree
3)     work as an allied health professional (massage, athletic therapy, chiropractic, physical therapy)
4)     be accredited by a high school coaching association


"I knew that this journey would be an amazing experience.  What I did not know, was that I would leave the program with much more than just a new system of testing/training workouts.  The IGNITE 360 community of trainers and master presenters made for a life changing experience."
         - Stacy Houser, IGNITE 360 Certified Trainer

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